1. Dead End Road


Spent all day tryin’ to find ya
‘Cause you're my favorite crutch when I feel this way
If I said ya weren’t, I’d be lyin’ to ya
You're the only thing that can cure my pain

If I could I would steal you
‘cause ya never let me down
Every day I just gotta feel you
You're the best trick in town

But…my head explodes
I'm bittin’ my nails and talkin’ in code
I should’ve know’d
Just another dead end road

Round the block, through the park and down town
Just to hear somebody that might scream you're name
I ain’t the only one you can force to bow down
There’s a million other folks love you just the same

If I could I would steal
Take you for my own
Waste away, gladly rot in pieces
Slowly die broke and alone


Well every time I’m around you baby
It feels like the Fourth of July
Ya look so sweet and taste like candy
Bring a tear to a grown man’s eye
But every time I’m without you baby
It feels like a heart attack
I grit my teeth and sweat profusely
February, midnight, cold, dark, black

(Repeat Chorus)