New Single "From Hell"

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Shoot For The Moon...

Congrats to all the winners of the 2020 Grammys!  No nominations for our boys SmileEatingJesus, however it's a new year and there are new things coming from SEJ.  Be on the lookout for our new Twitch channel and future live events in Denver an beyond!

Grammy Awards 2020

SmileEatingJesus has completed the submission process for the 2020 Grammy Awards!  The boys have put in a lot of hard work with the great team over at 3dB Studio and all are very optimistic for the albums performance through the nomination process.  We will be sure to post updates here and be sure to check our social networks as we continue on this epic journey!

Anne Funk's Diary Available Now!

That's right, get your hands on the new album today! Hit the links below to find us on your favorite place to enjoy music as they become available or pick up a CD in our merch store now.